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Low Back Pain Castor

If you suffer from low back pain, you are not alone. Lower back pain is a common condition that affects most individuals at some point in their life. While there are a number of causes for this condition, in most cases identifying the culprit of your lower back pain can be difficult.

If you do not wish to take medication to relieve the pain, there are other treatment options available. A low back pain castor oil pack may provide full relief from your symptoms.

For a low back pain castor oil treatment, apply the castor oil directly to the affected area. Place a cloth or towel over the skin and cover it with plastic wrap to provide a seal. Next place a hot water bottle, heating pad, or other heat source on top of the plastic wrap.  Leave the heat source on the plastic wrap for at least thirty minutes. After about three days of using this low back pain castor oil treatment, you should see an improvement in your condition.

 If lower back pain is a frequent problem, you may want to invest in a commercially produced low back pain castor oil kit. These kits are available with a number of different options. Many kits come with castor oil, heating pad, flannel cloth, plastic covering to place over the flannel cloth, and a liquid solution used after treatment to remove any residue from the skin. After purchasing your initial low back pain castor oil kit, many manufacturers offer customers single kit items for sale as needed.

Castor oil has long been used as an alternative treatment therapy for lower back pain and a number of other medical conditions. A low back pain castor oil treatment works by stimulating circulation and allowing the inflamed tissue under the skin to heal. When the back becomes injured, lymph circulation as well as oxygen is often restricted to the affected area. Castor oil provides relief by both relaxing the muscles and increasing lymph circulation in the afflicted area of the back.




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