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Low Back Pain and Lymphoma

Often low back pain with no other symptoms can indicate lymphoma.   Some patients who have enjoyed a relatively healthy and accident free lifestyle can suddenly develop low back pain that continues to grow worse over a period of time.  If a series of x-rays does not show any reason for the back pain then strong consideration should be given to lymphoma being the cause of pain.Most lymphomas go un-diagnosed for a while due to the symptoms manifesting themselves in the back.  Complaints of low back pain with no seeming cause after getting a series of x-rays are often considered to be caused by muscle strain.  After a period of time is allowed to see if physical and or massage therapy helps to alleviate the pain but symptoms worsen then it is very possible the patient has lymphoma.  Lymphoma is a rare condition that affects a patient’s central nervous system.  It is important to understand that no amount of treatment can help to provider any lasting relief to low back pain caused by lymphoma.    The lymphoma must be properly diagnosed and treated.Efforts can be made to make the low back pain caused by lymphoma bearable, but should only be considered within the allowance of the treatment plan for the lymphoma. The symptoms of low back pain caused by lymphoma initially manifest themselves as normal low back pain.  If after a period of time the condition worsens and the pain gets more severe adding to that other symptoms like nausea, feverish chills and itching.  These symptoms will continue to worsen over time no matter what type of physical therapy or pain medication is being taken.  Low back pain associated with lymphoma can be treated and should be considered along with the plan to treat the lymphoma. 


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