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Ellipticals and Low Back Pain

In an effort to increase physical activity, many have taken to using elliptical machines to combat low back pain.  Studies have shown that dramatic improvements have been seen in those who incorporate low impact exercise into their daily routine.  Exercise will increase muscle strength making it easier for a patient to keep from suffering low back pain.  Those who suffer from herniated disks or sciatica are encouraged to increase their physical activity, but it important that this exercise is low impact and should not apply excessive stress to the neck and back.The most ideal exercise involves all of the large muscle groups in a patient’s body and should not be quick or jerking motions.  An Elliptical exercise is the best option for those suffering from low back pain.  An elliptical machine will involve moving both the arms and legs in a smooth circular motion.  This low impact exercise increases muscular strength and can help to prevent herniated disks.   Most doctors recommend elliptical exercise to aid in the recovery from herniated disks and sciatica.  If suffering from low back pain, exercise should only be considered after consulting a physician to determine if exercise will aid or further damage a herniated disk.Elliptical machines are used for low back pain because they are able to slowly rehabilitate affected areas.  Some exercises to avoid when suffering low back pain are any kind that place unnecessary strain on the back.  Weight training by using heavy weights and for lifting or squatting will only hinder the recovery of a patient.  Patients who enjoy climbing should avoid it in favor of elliptical exercise until they have recovered.  Other exercises to avoid are high impact activities like running, jumping and high impact aerobics classes.  In addition to walking on a treadmill consideration should be given to including ellipticals to help recover from low back pain.


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